Features of C Programming Language - C Tutorial

Features of C Programming Language

C Programming is widely used in Computer Technology, We can say that C is inspiration for development of other languages. We can use C for different purposes. Below are some of the Features of C Programming


Every c program can be written in simple English language so that it is very easy to understand and developed by programmer.

Low Level Features

C Programming provides low level features that are generally provided by the Lower level languages. C is Closely Related to Lower level Language such as “Assembly Language“.

Structure oriented

C is a Structure oriented programming language.Structure oriented programming language aimed on clarity of program, reduce the complexity of code, using this approach code is divided into sub-program/subroutines.

Rich Library

C provides a lot of inbuilt functions that makes the development fast.

Memory Management

It supports the feature of dynamic memory allocation. In C language, we can free the allocated memory at any time by calling the free() function.


The compilation and execution time of C language is fast.


C provides the feature of pointers. We can directly interact with the memory by using the pointers. We can use pointers for memory, structures, functions, array etc.