Array Of Pointer - C Tutorial

Array Of Pointer

We can create an array of pointer in c.The array of pointers represents a collection of addresses.

An Array of pointers point to an array of data items.Each elements of the pointer array point to an item of the data array

Example - Array of Pointer Program

int main()
    int a=10,b=20,c=30,d=40,e=50;
    int *arr[5];
    printf("Value of a=%d\n",*arr[0]);
    printf("Value of b=%d\n",*arr[1]);
    printf("Value of c=%d\n",*arr[2]);
    printf("Value of d=%d\n",*arr[3]);
    printf("Value of e=%d\n",*arr[4]);
    return 0;

Output - Array of Pointer Program

Value of a=10                                                                                                           
Value of b=20                                                                                                           
Value of c=30                                                                                                           
Value of d=40                                                                                                           
Value of e=50